Refund Policy

All courses purchased on can be refunded within 30 days of the purchase date. If you purchase a course and realize it’s not for you for any reason, contact us at [email protected] before 30 days to get a full refund. We will not process refund requests received after the 30-day time limit has passed.

Refund Rules

1. We count the day you purchased as day 1 not day zero. Your final day to request a refund is day 30.

2. Our customer service dashboard & payment software closes its ability to refund students once you hit 31 days. As soon as you hit day 31 all sales become final and are non refundable.

3. If you want your refund to be valid you have to email [email protected] exclusively for your refund request to be valid within 30 days of your purchase. Please do not contact us about a refund on Facebook,YouTube, Instagram, or any other email accounts other than [email protected] We receive too many messages, comments, and emails from fans that it would be impossible for us to respond to you on any other outlet in regards to a refund. If you attempt you reach out to us via any other outlets other than [email protected] your refund request will be rejected.

Thank you for shopping with us!